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What makes a believer a disciple?  What does the term disciple mean? What qualifies as real discipleship training? Did you know that most churches are not following the historical purpose for discipleship? Are all believers, disciples? Well, Mary, Martha, and Lazarus were not disciples. Neither were His mother, Mary, or Mary Magdalene. In fact, only a small percentage were disciples. Most believers were followers of Christ. The One Report will explain the purpose and methods that Jesus used to train His disciples. You will discover He used the same method that First Century rabbis used to train their disciples.

Real Discipleship Training – First Century Style

Real life disciples explains the important differences between the Jewish method and the way Christ taught His disciples. This free report will open your eyes as to why we call our method, Real Discipleship Training.

What does the Word “discipleship” mean? It means to “train students or learners.” During the time of Christ, rabbi’s  chose young men to become their disciples or students. Students, chosen by their rabbi, felt honored. Just as Jesus roamed the countryside looking for those God chose to be His disciples, these rabbis were itinerant teachers who did the same. If they came across students they wanted to teach, the rabbis asked the young men to follow them.1

Once selected, the student or disciple attended a prestigious Ivy League type school, called the Beit Midrash. To qualify for entry, students had to answer questions that only the best could answer. However, if they failed to become a disciple, the rabbi sent them home to work a trade. Those  students had no hope of entering the “Beit Midrash.” But if a student received acceptance, the rabbi would say to the student, “Lek Hackeri,” or “Come follow me.” “Upon hearing these words, the disciple left his family, and his village to follow his rabbi. In doing so a blessing developed:  ‘May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi.’ The hope was that the disciple would follow behind the rabbi so closely that the dust from the rabbi’s sandals would cover him.” 1

It Worked Then – It Works Now

First Century students learned to imitate their teachers in the way they taught, spoke, interpreted the Word, and believed. Imitation allowed the teacher to duplicate himself through his students. The purpose remains the same today. By appreciating what it took for a young, Jewish man to become a member of the “Beit Midrash,” we can better understand the excitement the first disciples felt when Jesus asked them to follow Him. Upon hearing these words, the Twelve left everything behind to follow their Master. Little did they know what was in store for them, as they followed their Rabbi around the country, learning what it meant to be His disciple.

Real Discipleship Training works with those who want to become teachers. In other words, faithful men train faithful men to teach others (2 Tim. 2:2). It’s system our Lord used to create Apostles out of ordinary men. The system we developed employees the one ingredient most do not offer, duplication. Our rabbi is Jesus. This system allows students to easily duplicate what Jesus taught. Want to know more, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.



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