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Teacher Training Develops Great Bible Teachers

It is our belief that when you create more teachers, you grow your church, and increase its influence in your local community and mission field. Without a bullpen of well-developed Bible teachers, you can stymie the spiritual growth you desire to see in your church and community. This is why teacher training is so vital to the life of a church.

Our system develops trainers who will then train disciples to become teachers. We start with our LINKway System. This System incorporates two studies, “Crucified with Him,” and “Teach with a Purpose.” Crucified is our flagship study. We use this book to train teachers within churches and on the mission field. This book instructs believers about who they are in Christ. Through this study, we share the truth and prove why it is true. We believe when a student knows why something is true, they accept it. The why gives them confidence   to share these truths with others, through our systematic approach. Once we complete Crucified, we then train teachers and students how to teach. After all, the purpose of discipleship is to create great teachers who will train others to teach.

You can find Crucified in our online book store. We make it available through Amazon.com.  Our LINKway e-book is free, through our online store.

Teacher Training the LINKway

Teacher training, through the LINKway system, will create trainers who will teach your missionaries, future small groups, Life Groups, and Sunday school teachers. They will also develop volunteer teachers who give their time to various non-profit groups around their community. In addition, many of your students may become mentors where they teach other believers one-on-one, through our practical applications, and Bible verses for teachers to use when training.

Paul writes in 2 Timothy 2:2 about how faithful men should teach faithful men. Believers are to train other believers to teach. Developing teachers multiplies the influence a church has in their community and world. A church, with a strong bullpen of teachers, never has to worry about lacking enough teachers to serve the flock. When one of their teachers decides not to teach anymore or changes churches, a newly trained teacher can step in and fill the position.

Most churches neglect the idea of developing instructors. They neglect this at their own peril. Of the teachers, most churches have, some will be facilitators, rather than teachers, where they let videos do the teaching. All they do is lead a follow-up discussion. Nothing wrong with showing a video or leading a follow-up discussion, except this is not true Biblical teaching. They let someone else do the teaching, and they just answer questions about the video itself.

True Biblical instruction comes from the heart to change lives, bring people to repentance, and encourage them to walk with God. It teaches people about who they are in Christ, and how to conduct themselves in a way that honors God. Training disciples also includes how to teach, write, study, interpret the Word, and so much more.

Our Teacher Training System and Workshops will Challenge You

Our entire teacher instruction system has much to offer young men and women, as well as older adults. Learning who we are in Christ changes us for the better and gives us the confidence to share our faith with others and become great Bible teachers. When people attempt to challenge our students’ faith, they will not only know how to defend it, but they will be able to tell why they believe the way they do.

For more information on our teacher training and education courses and teacher development workshops, please write. Our email address is godfire@disciples.com

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