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Real Discipleship Training Method

Real Discipleship Training Works What makes a believer a disciple?  What does the term disciple mean? What qualifies as real discipleship training? Did you know that most churches are not following the historical purpose for discipleship? Are all believers, disciples? Well, Mary, Martha, and Lazarus were not disciples. Neither were His…

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New Birth | The Five Stages of a True Believer

New Birth|Do You Know for Sure Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again. John 3:7 NEW BIRTH EXPERIENCE Today we call people to the altar and ask them to say a prayer. When they repeat it, we do not hesitate in pronouncing them saved; but…

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Hearts and Minds Change | Mission of My Writing

Our Hearts and Minds  Change in Christ I cannot count how many Christian books I’ve read, in my lifetime. All I know is I have given away tubs of books. Why? I ran out storage space, or I had no interest in reading them again. However, I kept those books…

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LIFE | Teaching the Faithful

Teaching the Faithful | Our LIFE Mission