Hearts and Minds Change | Mission of My Writing

Hearts and Minds

Our Hearts and Minds  Change in Christ

I cannot count how many Christian books I’ve read, in my lifetime. All I know is I have given away tubs of books. Why? I ran out storage space, or I had no interest in reading them again. However, I kept those books that touched my heart and changed my life. I also kept those that helped me learn about history or changed my thinking on certain Biblical subjects.

Yes, I am a book reader. I love non-fiction Christian and historical books. But for a few books, I read them and that was it. Most of them did nothing to affect my heart or mind. Yet, I remember one book that did. The book, Returning to Holiness by Dr. Gregory R. Frizzell is now a recommended companion book to our Battle Plans Study. I challenge any Christian to read this book straight through and not experience a heart change. It’s impossible. Right from the beginning, you realize this book is in a class by itself. Why? The author wrote it to expose the sins we harbor in our hearts and minds.  Sometimes, I could not even get through a paragraph before my heart broke over some sin. I loved this book, so I purchased a few and gave copies to some of my pastor friends. Did it affect them the same way? Most of them told me it was the most difficult and painful experience they ever encountered. Even so, they all told me it was worth reading.

Committed to Writing the Truth | Affecting a Heart Change

As a writer, I have committed my life to writing books with one purpose in mind. I want my readers to experience a heart change.  If I can accomplish this, then I have done what I started out to do. As it is, most authors do not write to change the reader’s heart. Instead, they write books that give us information.

Twenty years ago, God called me to write books to help set His people free. Accepting His calling on my life, I have spent the last twenty-years writing books with this purpose in mind. Over the years, I’ve read testimonies from our readers about how these books changed their lives. Now, I want to make something clear. Nothing I did, changed their lives. The truth from God’s Word found in these books and the Holy Spirit changed their lives.

The Holy Spirit has the power to overcome any believer.  Thus, the secret to changing a person’s heart is to teach them why something is true. When they learn the why they will receive the truth, and the will change hearts and minds from within.

An Example of  a Heart Change

I recall this one story about a young man in India who hated Christians. Our national leader over our CALL Schools, Dr. John Ratnam, was holding an outdoor, evangelistic outreach in a local park. During the gathering, this young man  approached the gathering. Dr. Ratnam knew about this man. He could tell he was up to no good.

Approaching the crowd, the young man stopped and grabbed his stomach. Wincing in pain, he tumbled to the ground. Dr. Ratnam and some others ran to his aid. Seeing his condition, Dr. Ratnam drove the young man to the nearest hospital. As God would have it, only a thin hospital wall separated the young man from the room where we were holding one of our CALL Schools. Our CALL schools train young men and women about who they are in Christ. We built our CALL Schools around a book God gave to me to pen called Crucified with Him. The goal of this book is to change young people’s hearts and minds, while inspiring them to use what they have learned to teach others.

Lying in his hospital bed, the young man heard our teacher share the truths from God’s Word found in our study. After he heard the teaching on Forgiveness, he broke down and wept. Later, he sent a message to our National Director to come pray for him. That day, he received Christ as his Lord and Savior. On being discharged from the hospital, he enrolled in our class and finished the course. Today, instead of chasing down Christians, he chases after Christ.  Through our study, God used His Word and the power of the Holy Spirit to change this young man’s life forever.


Yes, I love to read and write. I can think of no other reason for me to write a book other than to point people to Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to change their lives forever. As for me, I never grow tired of seeing changes in believers’ hearts and minds where a transformation takes place in their lives. This keeps me writing and sharing Christ with those who need Him or want to grow spiritually.