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Our ministry uses its donations wisely. We are a 501(c)3 tax deductible ministry. We do not take salaries, nor do we use any of our money for our private use. Instead, everything we take in goes to help others, or publish our training studies, including translations and editing, some goes to keeping this ministry running, such as our annual 501-c(3) renewal.

Right now we are raising funds to build houses for our 70+ pastors in India.  These pastors make about 70 dollars per month. They volunteer to work for our CALL Schools in India, where we’ve trained over 7,000 students. Many of our pastors came through out CALL Schools.  These and other pastors, over 100 in all, risk their lives ministering in the unreached, rural villages in India. While their work is dangerous, it has paid off.  To date, over 22,000 people have come to the Lord, through their ministry efforts.

In addition, our ministry has built four new churches, and purchased another. Our future goal is to build a Disciple Training Center on the acreage we purchased in India.

The housing is necessary because these men rent from Hindus. These pastors are not allowed to pray for others in these homes. When they return late from one of their outreaches, the Hindu owners will not open the gate to let these men in their homes. Thus, they must find rest elsewhere. All we need left to raise is $215.00 per home. We started out with a need of around $40,000.  We are now down to $6,500 left, plus we need help with a ticket to fly me to India in February to overlook the work on these homes.  Total needed is $12,500.  Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.

We also have schools in Pakistan and in Nepal, where we have active schools.  They, too, are in need of funding. One has an orphanage, the other is building a church, where Pastor Rashid’s people can meet in safety.

Thank you for your help with these.

Lynn E. Sheldon, President

God Bless.

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